Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG

Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG, a clear, pale yellow, thermoplastic rosin, is the food-grade glycerol ester of wood rosin. Other names that have appeared in published literature and product ingredient labels for this material include “glyceryl abietate,” “glyceryl triabietate,” and “ester gum.” Ester Gum 8BG is produced from food-grade glycerol (non-animal origin) and refined wood rosin, the latter of which is extracted from pinewood and is produced exclusively by Pinova Inc. in Brunswick, Georgia, USA. Ester Gum 8BG is purified by countercurrent steam distillation especially for the beverage industry, where it is used as a clouding agent and as a “weighting agent” to adjust the density of citrus beverage flavor concentrates.

Ester Gum 8BG pastilles are freshly packaged in Hi-Pure® multi-ply foil barrier bags, which are immediately sealed and provide superior protection against aging and oxidation. A fiberboard carton sealed with tamper-evident tape protects ten Hi-Pure bags during transit.


Product Code: 4261

Product Name

Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG


  • Increases the density of citrus oil flavor compounds so as to maintain uniform suspension throughout the beverage
  • Improves stability of finished citrus beverages
  • Adds desirable degree of cloudiness to finished beverages


  • Only rosin ester approved by the European Union for use in adjusting density of citrus oil in beverages
  • Pale color
  • Low taste and odor
  • Widely soluble
  • Economical and effective in use
  • Oxygen-barrier, tamper-evident packaging provides long shelf life and easy handling

General Sales Specifications

Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C 82-90
Color, USRG rosin grade, maximum N
Acid Number, mg KOH/g 3-9

Typical Properties

Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C 86
Color, USRG rosin grade WG
Hydroxyl, % < 1
Density at 25°C, lb/gal (kg/l) 9.0 (1.08)


Package Form Net Weight
Bag, Hi-Pure® barrier Pastilles 50 lb, 22.68 kgs


CAS No. 8050-31-5 US DOT: Not regulated
International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI): Glyceryl rosinate
US FDA: 21 CFR 172.735
EU: E445

Contains no ingredients of animal origin
Not a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO); contains no ingredients that are GMOs
Kosher/Pareve for year-round use
Other regulatory information available on request

Storage and Inventory Control

Pastillated or flaked resins may fuse, block, or lump during hot weather months, if stored near sources of heat or if stored for prolonged periods of time. These forms of resin are prone to gradual oxidation, some more so than others. This could result in darkening and/or could have an adverse effect on solubility in organic solvents. Care should be given to minimize opportunities for product oxidation throughout processing. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that proper storage conditions and strict control of inventory be observed at all times, taking care that the oldest material is used first.


Product Safety

Read and understand the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

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