Pexalyn® SR

Pexalyn® SR resin is a stabilized aromatic/aliphatic hybrid resin designed for use in adhesives. It possesses unique compatibility across a broad range of elastomeric and thermoplastic polymers. The carboxyl group functionality of Pexalyn SR resin provides specific adhesion and makes this a viable resin for curable adhesive systems.

Product Code: 5006

Product Name

Pexalyn® SR


  • Tackifier for hot melt adhesives where compatibility is required with copolymers exhibiting polar and nonpolar character
  • Tackifier for solvent-based adhesives


  • Compatible with natural and synthetic polymers, rosins and rosin esters
  • Compatible with EVA resins and thermoplastic block copolymers
  • Excellent specific adhesion
  • Light color and good oxidative stability

General Sales Specifications

Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C 77-87
Color, Gardner, 50% in toluene 10 max
Acid Number 90-100

Typical Properties

Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C 85
Color, Gardner, 50% in toluene 5
Density at 25°C, lb/gal (kg/l) 8.6 (1.03)


Package Form Net Weight
Bag, multi-wall, kraft Pastilles 50 lbs, 22.68 kg


US DOT: Not regulated    
US FDA: 21 CFR 175.105 21 CFR 177.2600

Other regulatory information available on request

Product Safety

Read and understand the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

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