Belro® dark wood rosin is a medium softening point, dark, thermoplastic, acidic resin. A product of the wood naval stores industry, it is obtained during the separation and refining of various natural resins and terpenes extracted from aged pinewood. Belro dark wood rosin is composed of rosin-type resin acids, oxidized and otherwise modified forms of these materials, and a minor amount of the neutral and colored constituents associated with dark wood rosins.

Product Code: 4250

Product Name



  • Chemical intermediate for esters, resinates or water-soluble soaps
  • Wax modification for coatings and sealants
  • Packing house depilatories
  • Cement blocking agent for lens grinding operations
  • Bodying and tackifying ingredient for mastic cements for tile and floor coverings


  • High acid value
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Good thermoplasticity
  • Wide compatibility and chemical reactivity
  • Less soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents than regular rosin

General Sales Specifications

Softening Point, Pinova drop method, °C 90-115
Acid Number, mg KOH/g 110-135
Gasoline insoluble, % 35-70

Typical Properties

Color (by transmitted light) Brown/red
Saponification number 150
Unsaponified content, % 12
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1.138
Weight per gal at 20°C, lb (approx.) 9.48
Flashpoint, COC, °F 410


Package Form Net Weight
Drum, steel light gauge Solid 500 lb, 226.8 kg
Bulk, tank truck Molten Varies


CAS No. 8050-09-7 US DOT: Not regulated
US FDA: 21 CFR 175.105
21 CFR 175.125 (b)
21 CFR 175.300
21 CFR 175.320
21 CFR 175.380
21 CFR 175.390
21 CFR 176.170
21 CFR 176.180
21 CFR 176.200
21 CFR 176.210
21 CFR 177.1200
21 CFR 177.1210
21 CFR 177.1400
21 CFR 177.2600
21 CFR 178.3120
21 CFR 178.3800
21 CFR 178.3850
21 CFR 178.3870

Other regulatory information available on request

Product Safety

Read and understand the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

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