Polyterpene Resins

Pinova's polyterpene resins are based on natural and renewable feedstocks, including alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and d-limonene. Their light color, excellent stability, and unique properties make them effective for diverse applications such as agricultural retention, chewing gum, tapes and a broad range of adhesives.

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Piccolyte® A resins

Polymers based on alpha-pinene


The most polar of the straight polyterpene resins, Piccolyte® A polyterpene resins are excellent tackifiers in pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesive systems using styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and styrene block copolymers, particularly S-B-S. Other applications include paints, coatings, caulks and sealants, investment castings, and waterproofing agents. A unique member of this family is Piccolyte® AO Plus polyterpene oligomers, which is used in the agricultural industry as a retention aid and sticker for herbicide and pesticide application.

Piccolyte® C resins

Polymers based on d-limonene


Piccolyte® C polyterpene resins derived from the citrus monomer d-limonene are excellent polymer modifiers for block copolymers, butyl rubber, and polyisoprene rubber. They are primarily used as tackifiers for rubber-based, pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesive systems. They are also used in premium quality chewing gum compositions as well as can sealants.

Piccolyte® F resins

Mixed pinene and modified polyterpene resins


Piccolyte® F polyterpene resins are effective tackifiers for natural and synthetic rubbers in pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives. Food-grade versions of these resins can be used in chewing gum base.

Piccolyte® S resins

Polymers based on beta-pinene


Piccolyte® S polyterpene resins are extensively used in pressure sensitive adhesives and other solvent-based adhesives. They are useful as tackifiers for natural rubber and other nonpolar elastomers as well as in non-adhesive applications such as precision investment castings.      

Product Matrix

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