The Pinova Story

The Pinova Story presents how we provide state of the art specialty products, services and solutions for many of the world’s most essential industries. As one of the largest and oldest specialty resin suppliers, Pinova is the world’s only producer of refined wood rosin and natural wood terpenes from renewable pine stumpwood.

We show how our premium performance rosin and polyterpene resins are manufactured to meet the exacting demands of customers serving the adhesive, construction, food and beverage, agriculture and a host of other specialized markets.

Key Pinova staff members, representing diverse functions, explain more about our objectives, products, customers and corporate culture from our Brunswick, Georgia, USA manufacturing base which has been operating continuously for over 100 years.

Our unique process is covered, in particular the specialized wood rosin extraction and refining used to produce our exclusive line of high performance resins.

The Pinova supply chain of crude sulfate turpentine (CST) and citrus d-limonene, provides excellent security of supply and the basic natural feedstocks for the manufacture of polyterpene resins.