Pinova Launches 3 New Products

Continuing its 100+ year history of innovation around renewable chemistries, Pinova, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of three new products, including two new adhesive tackifying resins and a new asphalt emulsifier. The new products are:
Piccolyte® D115  |  Vinsol® XT  Pexalyn® SR

Piccolyte® D115 polyterpene resin
Piccolyte D115 polyterpene resin is a light colored, cost effective resin with broad compatibility with polyolefins, copolymers and block copolymers. Its compatibility and softening point afford an excellent balance of adhesion and cohesion in pressure sensitive adhesives. The resin’s distinct light color retention and thermal stability make it a very effective tackifier for both hot melt and solvent based adhesives, sealant and polymer modification.  
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Vinsol® XT asphalt emulsifier
Vinsol XT asphalt emulsifier is a cost effective extension of the Vinsol resin product line. Vinsol XT exhibits exceptional stability and performance as an anionic emulsifier for slow-setting emulsions of both hard and soft asphalts. In its pulverized form, Vinsol XT easily and quickly saponifies, significantly reducing processing time. Vinsol XT is specifically designed for enhanced “cement mix test” performance, while maintaining the other performance attributes expected of Vinsol resin.
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Pexalyn® SR synthetic resin
Pexalyn SR is a stabilized aromatic/aliphatic hybrid resin with unique compatibility across a broad range of elastomeric and thermoplastic polymers. The resin is specifically designed for applications requiring an exceptionally light color, excellent resistance to oxidation and good color stability. Pexalyn SR is especially suited for hot melt applications where compatibility with copolymers exhibiting polar and non polar character must be achieved. The softening point of Pexalyn SR makes it an excellent tackifier for both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive hot melt applications, as well as solution PSAs. The carboxyl group functionality of Pexalyn SR makes it an excellent candidate for curable adhesives systems.
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