Vinsol® LQ28

Vinsol® LQ28 soap is an aqueous sodium soap solution of Vinsol resin. It is recommended as an anionic asphalt emulsifier for SS-type applications and as an air-entraining agent in concrete applications. Vinsol LQ28 soap offers the convenience of a pre-saponified liquid product that is easily handled while delivering the proven performance of Vinsol resin.

Product Code: 5012

Product Name

Vinsol® LQ28


  • Asphalt emulsifier for anionic, slow setting emulsions for paving, surfacing, and sealing applications.
  • Air entraining agent in concrete to improve freeze-thaw resistance, plasticity, workability, and resistance to scaling.

Typical Properties

Total Solids, % 26-28
pH 11-12
Density at 25°C, lb/gal (kg/l) 8.9 (1.07)
Viscosity at 25°C, cP 800


Package Form Net Weight
Bulk, bin 330-gal Liquid 2500 lbs, 1134 kg
Bulk, tank truck Liquid Varies


CAS No. Mixture US DOT: Not regulated

Other regulatory information available on request

Product Safety

Read and understand the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

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